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#54 TP in a Pear Tree

by 2Kens on December 14, 2009

And no wire hangers, EVER!

12 Days of Christmas – Day 1…

Stop shopping! Parents with young daughters? We found three toys destined to set womens’ rights back about six decades. Our favorite grooms daddy’s little girl for a rewarding janitorial career. And you can’t go wrong with the pole dancing dollie. Or maybe one that teaches nursing? Not the taking care of sick people kind, either.

Doesn’t make Biker Barbie or Trailer Trash Barbie look so bad now, does it.

Music includes the Fa La-La-La-La Bling Blues by award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter, Janyce, and The Perfect Gift by hard rocking, Megaphone. Thanks to Ariel Hyatt & the her busy elves at Cyber PR for spreading the holiday joy.

C’mon back tomorrow for our 2nd Day of Christmas absurdity. Have a merry!

Listen now to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas!

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