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#36 Naked Shakespeare

by 2Kens on August 10, 2009

Bard Banned…

in Portland, Maine the city council stripped Shakespeare from a popular local menu, raising the question: do monthly readings of sonnets and soliloquies by a group of actors really contribute to drunken rowdiness on the city’s waterfront? We go straight to the source for the answer.

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And the lucky cow chip goes to…

What’s a county fair without a Cow Chip Raffle? Dig up a pasture and find the one with a big cash prize inside. Hurry folks, only a few chances left!

Can’t wait to read the retraction…

Think about it. A woman newspaper reporter whose last name is Hooker is honored by a local group. Is this the headline you would write? (we really can’t make up this stuff!)

Try the popovers…

If you’re visiting London and looking for a good place to eat, may we recommend the Capital Hotel? You might want to skip dessert, though.

Kindred Souls are a six man Pop/Alternative rock band from Raritan NJ featuring the deliciously compelling voice of Jeff Rafferty. Two tunes struck a chord with us, “Can’t Make It Rain” and “Whatchagonnado.” The latter is the first track on their just-released EP Social Ninja. Enjoy!

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