Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

#1 Nardelli or Blago? You decide.

by 2Kens on December 23, 2008

Why we’re here.

Since the dawn of creation – or beginning of time, depending on your definition of good posture – man has exhibited a limitless capacity for committing incredible acts of stupidity. Nominees for the Darwin Awards abound. We hope these shows will expose others also worthy of this distinction in hopes of doing a more thorough cleansing of the idiocy gene pool. Last one in is a monkey’s uncle!

Chrysler Boss v Governor Rod

In our first episode two guys named Ken (long story; cliffhanger ending), provide the play-by-play and color in this gargantuan battle royale for this week’s title of Undisputed Dip Stick of the World! The winner gets the Iraqi journo with the size 10s, and the right to meet Dubbya in the finals. Stay tuned!


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